Hollywood Lashes

Hollywood Lashes, which are hand made have a soft curl, are made of a synthetic single fibre polyester thread-like material. The lashes create a fuller longer look giving definition and transforming the eye. Lashes are available in various lengths, colours and thickness. The lashes are weatherproof weightless, waterproof, and flexible can be worn during showering, sleeping and swimming.

Eyelash extensions may last from as little as three weeks to three months, this dependes entirely on your hair growth cycle. Most people choose black lashes, however, colored lashes are also avaiable along with mink silk and “y” lashes.

A highly sophisticated medical grade adhesive is used with Hollywood Lash Extensions To attach them to the natural eyelash. The odourless and quick drying adhesive, is designed to be applied to the delicate area of the natural eyelashes without any discomfort. This specifically formulated bonding agent is perfect in creating fabulously full, luscious eye┬Člashes.

Eyelash Extension After Care

First 2 hours
Do not allow water to contact the eyelids.

First 48 hours
Do not wash eyes or lash extensions with Hot water or steam the face.Avoid Sauna Jacuzzi and Swimming.

Do not use waterproof mascara as oil based mascaras may damage the bond. Ask your salon about our waterbased mascara.

Use only oil free products to remove mascara.

Do not perm Hollywood Lashes Extensions.

Do not tint over bonded area (only root area) .

Rubbing eyes may pull out lashes with extensions attached.

Do not use heated curlers on bonded area (tips only).

Please treat your new Hollywood Lashes with care, just as you would hair extensions. Your natural lashes will shed naturally taking extensions with them. Arrange with your salon for regular infill treatments to keep that full lash look.

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