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Builder Gel, Acrylic Nails , Gel Polish, Pedicures


Builder Gel

Builder Gel (BIAB)

Builder In A Bottle™ is a file off builder gel ideal for creating strong overlays and can be used as a strengthening barrier for natural nails. It works very similarly to a normal gel polish but it has a ticker consistency and is stronger and more durable than gel polish. you have no need to worry about chipping nails and the product should last around 3 weeks. 


Acrylic nails 

Acrylic Nails

CND’s award-winning Liquid & Powder Enhancement System gives you wearable, durable, beautiful nails. From classic Forever French manicures to striking original looks strutted on the worlds runways, CND’s versatile liquids and custom colour powder combinations perfectly complete any style you can dare to imagine!


Gel polish  

Gel Polish

The Ultimate long lasting Manicure Now you can say goodbye to chips, smudges, and dry time. This revolutionary product applies like polish, wears flawlessly for 14 days of high-gloss shine, and is removed using acetone 

Perfect Feet



A pedicure is a therapeutic treatment for your feet that removes dead skin, softens hard skin and shapes and treats your toenails. Your pedicure will begin with your feet soak and cleansed in warm foot spa with scented water to soften the skin. An exfoliating rub will slough off dead skin with salts or minerals. Your Therapist will also remove your cuticles and cut and shape your toenails we finish your treatment with Normal polish or Gel polish. 

Nails & Feet: Hand & Foot Treatments
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