Sixtus Pedicure

The Sixtus products contain up to 17 different herbs in each product. The herbs are all alpine (tea tree is not in the products because it is not an alpine herb – it comes from Australia). The herbs are all pure; there are no synthetic oils in them. The tubes are made from aluminium to prevent the essential oils seeping through and the glass bottles are brown glass to protect the essential oils. The plastic is a special form, again to prevent seepage of oils.

With Sixtus products most foot problems can be remedied. It is a professional range used by Chiropodists in Germany. In England the products are sold primarily to beauty salons as the distribution company in this country has very strong links to beauty salons.

Sixtus has become very popular in Beauty Salons as the therapist is protected when using the products because the Sixtus products all contain natural antiseptic and bactericidal properties. The Therapist is also able to do a treatment, helping the client with their foot problems rather than just a pedicure. However the Therapist should recommend that the client sees a Chiropodist if there is anything needing more serious attention, e.g. verrucas, warts, corns, in-growing toe nails and any skin and nail diseases. Sixtus is used mainly in Salons to combat dry, cracked and rough hard skin. Sixtus is also very successful when treating fungal problems of the foot and nail e.g. Athlete’s foot.

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